High Performance Computing and Communication for Space
Dipl.-Wirtsch-Ing. Torsten Gollnick M.Sc. Computer Science
Torsten Gollnick email: tg@hpcc-space.de
 Fon: +49 5341 875 282
 Fax: +49 5341 875 454
Current Projects and Research Activities
Cell Broadband Engine (CBE)
Investigation in opportunities for using the CBE for high performance computing in the field of CFD.
Java Ultra Simulator Technology
JUST (Java Ultra Simulator Technology) is a revolutionary computing software that dramatically improves the ability to quickly create new kinds of software systems across the whole field of science (EU EFRE/MWK Hannover)
A Pure Java HPCC Grid Architecture for Multi-Physics Solvers Using Complex Geometries. The JUSTGrid framework which is a software platform providing the possibility to simplify as well as to speed up solver development. Among the additional features of JUSTGrid are the handling of complex 3D grids, both structured and unstructured. JUSTGrid is the basis for JUST (Java Ultra Simulator Technology) (EU EFRE/MWK Hannover)
Internet based Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics Solver using the JavaThread Concept
Current CFD codes are mostly written in Fortran. Only few codes have been implemented in C. The major benefits derived from object-oriented-programming techniques and the world-wide-web with its collaborative engineering and multimedia features, therefore, cannot directly be implemented in these codes. Maintaining, understanding or extending these codes is a costly and  highly errorprone undertaking . Parallelization has to be achieved via parallel libraries that also have to be maintained. Dynamic loadbalancing cannot be obtained directly, but needs a dedicated effort. A GUI for such a code generally is written in TCL/TK or Java.
However, Java is not only the language for the Internet but also the language for computational science and engineering, as has been shown by Geoffrey Fox, NPAC and others.
This project, therefore, has the goal to produce a fully 3D parallel Navier-Stokes solver completely written in Java, capable of handling any type of geometrical complexity, like ParNSS, that is portable, based on the client-server concept and, at the same time, is fully WWW capable, supporting the exchange of construction data, computed results, and project status information in multimedia format, using a web browser as well as Java applets.
The Java Thread concept is a unique feature for code parallelization based on the decomposition of complex multiblock grids, generated, for example, by GridPro . Threads are dynamically  implemented  by the operating system, providing methods for communication and thus will lead straightforwardly to a dynamically load-balanced application without having to use parallel libraries. Moreover, Java offers portability, object-oriented design, world-wide-web capability as well as graphics features and the environment to quickly design a GUI.
Professional Experience and Skill
System Administrator
Unix (Solaris/IRIX), Linux, Windows, Networks (Ethernet, SCI), email services, web services (OpenXchange), databases, ...
Programming Languages
Java, C, C++, Tcl, Perl, ...
Grid Generation (GridPro), Computational Fluid Dynamics
Biographical Sketch
1987 - 1995 Study of electrical engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig
1993 - 1996 Member of the helpdesk of the computing center at the TU Braunschweig
1995 - 1999 Study of traffic engineering and informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig/Wolfenbuettel
1999 Diploma in Business Administration and Engineering
Thesis: A Pure Java Parallel Euler Solver
1999 - Working at the University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel for Prof. Dr. Jochem Häuser
2006 Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel